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Functional Master Batch


Korexim produce and supply world-best quality of various & Functional master batches that have a high added-value without physical and chemical deformation in color ranging over general-purpose plastics and engineering plastics.


Absorbent Masterbatch

Absorbent Masterbatch is a new kind of functional masterbatch which can absorb moisture in plastics, solving the problems caused by moisture such as bubbles, cracks, and speckles. It is a domestic initiative and a leading technology in the world. The new moisture absorbing feature does not affect the physical and mechanical performance of plastics.

  • Masterbatches for Foam
  • Masterbatches for Pipes & Extrusion
  • Masterbatches for Films
  • Masterbatches for Blow Moulding
  • Masterbatches for Bands & Laminating


Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch

This is an additive for polyolefin resins and it should be used by mixing with polyolefin resins(LDPE, HDPE, PP resin). Our clients can enjoy the following benefits by using our higher quality Caco3 M/B together with polyolefin resins for the purpose of better printability, better productivity, better dimension stability, anti-vertical tearing, anti-fabrilation, reduction of white color pigment cost, reduction of calorific quantity, etc. Ingredient of Caco3 M/B is 80-85% CACO3 + 20-15% other diffusion and reinforcement agent like PP, PE and other additives.

Mixing ratio of our Caco3 M/B with main application resin is 5-20% for PP(flat yarn grade), 1-10% for HDPE (flat yarn grade), 1-20% for PP(blown film grade), 1-30% for HDPE (blown film grade), 1-20% for LDPE(blown film grade) and the mixing ratio with other kinds of application resin like injection molding grade, blow molding grade, monofilament grade, band grade and twin & string grade etc., can be applicable from 1 to 50% according to required strength, color, use of the final products.


Color Masterbatch

Our color master batch is the harmless and environment-friendly product that has characteristics such as uniformity in color.

Main application

HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE Film, PP Flat Yarn(PP woven bag/FIBC jumbo bag), HDPE tarpaulin, PP Multifilament, Monofilament, HDPE/PP Pipe, Injection Product etc.

Special application

Anti-fogging, Long Life, Protecting Frost on Green House Film or Green Mulch Film. Foaming Additive & Moisture absorption additive for various foamed products like PE/PS/XPS. Anti-slip or Slip, Non-flamable, Anti-Biotic, Protecting Ultraviolet,Anti-Oxidant, Fluorescence & Nuclear Agent etc.