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Multi-Layer Blown Film Mfg Machine

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Blown Film Machine


For the production of breathable film by blowing and stretching method


Breathable film application
- Hygienic products
- Baby diapers
- Diapers for adults
- Sanitary napkins
- Medical disposable garment
- House wrap film


Film requirements
- Formation of micro pores
- Improved flatness
- Low elasticity
- Improved tear and puncture resistance
- Less elongation in MD
- Good printability


• Final web width 1700~2200mm
• Extruder combination 90/120/90E
• 3-Layers Spiral die Ø400~450mm
• Auto-profile control Air ring
with measurement system
• Internal bubble cooling system
• Rotating haul-off unit
• In-line MDO unit
- 3 Heating rolls (Max. 120°C)
- 3 Stretching rolls(Two step stretching)
- 3 Annealing rolls, 2 Cooling rolls
• Dual winding system


• Extruder combination
- 90/120/90E (3 Layers)
• Melting capacity (Out-put)
- 120E Max. 400Kg/h
- 90E Max. 250Kg/h
- Total Out-put: 900Kg/h
• Throughput controlled with
Loss in weight dosing system