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+ PP Multifilament Yarn
+ Polyester Yarn Sewing Thred
+ Color Master Batch
+ CaCo3 M/B
+ Recycled Paper
+ Graphic Printing Ink
+ Aluminum & Brass Eyelet
+ Bio-Polymer
+ Absorbent PS Foam Tray
+ Polypropropylene Webbing
+ Anti-static Conductive Bag
+ PP Multifilament Yarn
Our excellent quality of PP multifilament yarn is in the range of the normal, medium & high tenacity, low cost, lower specific gravity than Nylon or Polyester yarn for onger length, color fastness, attractive color, fast drying, cleanliness, climate resistance, chemical resistance, sanitary, low heat conductivity, low static electricity, effect of heat and easy handling properties etc.
- Various color available
- Various color available
- Water resistant
- Recyclable
- High stiffness
- High impact stress
- UV stability
- Intermingled(24 point per meter)
- Webbing, Rope, Sewing Thread,
- Safety Net, Elastic Band,
- Container Sling belt,
- Geo-Textile, Artificial Grass,
- Upholstery Etc.
Physical Properties
  Tenacity Elongation Shrinkage
180℃ Hot Air, 30Min)
Normal Tenacity 2.5-3.0 GPD 80% 5%
Medium Tenacity 4.0-5.5 GPD 23% 3%
High Tenacity 6.5-7.0 GPD 23% 3%
Production Range