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+ PP Multifilament Yarn
+ Polyester Yarn Sewing Thred
+ Color Master Batch
+ CaCo3 M/B
+ Recycled Paper
+ Graphic Printing Ink
+ Aluminum & Brass Eyelet
+ Bio-Polymer
+ Absorbent PS Foam Tray
+ Polypropropylene Webbing
+ Anti-static Conductive Bag
+ Color Master Batch
Our color master batch is the harmless and environment-friendly product that has characteristics such as safety, uniformity, and simplicity in color. We produce and supply World-best quality of various & functional master batches that have a high added-value without physical and chemical deformations in color ranging over general-purpose plastics and engineering plastics. We are sure that we are ready to develop necessary color or special purpose/function of master batch if there is a necessity of special purpose of master batch in the future market
Main application
Special application
HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE Film, PP Flat Yarn(PP woven bag/FIBC jumbo bag), HDPE tarpaulin, PP Multifilament, Monofilament, HDPE/PP Pipe, Injection Product etc.
Anti-fogging, Long Life, Protecting Frost on Green House Film or Green Mulch Film.
Foaming Additive & Moisture absorption additive for various foamed products like PE/PS/XPS. Anti-slip or Slip, Non-flamable, Anti-Biotic, Protecting Ultraviolet, Anti-Oxidant, Fluorescence & Nuclear Agent etc.