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+ PP Multifilament Yarn
+ Polyester Yarn Sewing Thred
+ Color Master Batch
+ CaCo3 M/B
+ Recycled Paper
+ Graphic Printing Ink
+ Aluminum & Brass Eyelet
+ Bio-Polymer
+ Absorbent PS Foam Tray
+ Polypropropylene Webbing
+ Anti-static Conductive Bag
+ CaCo3 M/B
Calcium Carbonate M/B(Calpet, Caltech)

This is an additive for polyolefin resins and it should be used by mixing with polyolefin resins(LDPE, HDPE, PP resin).

Our clients can enjoy the following benefits by using our higher quality Caco3 M/B together with polyolefin resins for the purpose of BETTER PRINTABILITY,BETTER PRODUCTIVITY, BETTER DIMENSION STABILITY, ANTI-VERTICAL TEARING, ANTI-FIBRILATION, REDUCTION OF WHITE COLOR PIGMENT COST, REDUCTION OF CALORIFIC QUANTITY, ETC. Ingredient of Caco3 M/B is 80-85% CACO3 + 20-15% other diffusion and reinforcement agent like PP, PE and other additives.

Mixing ratio of our Caco3 M/B with main application resin is 5-20% for PP(flat yarn grade), 1-10% for HDPE(flat yarn grade), 1-20% for PP(blown film grade), 1-30% for HDPE(blown film grade), 1-20% for LDPE(blown film grade) and the mixing ratio with other kinds of application resin like injection molding grade, blow molding grade, monofilament grade, band grade and twin & string grade etc., can be applicable from 1 to 50% according to required strength, color, use of the final products.
Homopolymers, copolymers, random and impact

High and low density, as well as linears
High impact and general use


PP, HDPE Flat Yarn
- Anti-vertical tearing of the yarn.
- Anti-fibrillation of the yarn.
- Better printability on the surface of the surface of the woven cloth.
- Anti-slip effect of the yarn, cloth and bags.
- Greater tensile strength of the yarn after stretching.
- The yarn has a stiff quality and so the cloth and bag tend to be firmer and more stable.
- It is more easily processed into bags because of easy handing at the looms and machines.

LDPE, HDPE, PP Blow Molding
- The finished products have a firmer characteristic.
- Reduction of white color pigment cost.
- Better dimension stability.
- Better productivity.

- Anti-vertical tearing.
- Better productivity due to better out=put of the material.
- Anti-slip of the bands.
- Better and easier heat-sealing.
LDPE, HDPE, PP (Inflation Molding) - Improvement of the dimension stability due to less shrinkage.
- Improvement of printability on the surface of the finished products.
- The finished products are solid-looking,like plaster works.
- Reduction of the material cost by using CALPET/CALTECH as a filler.
- Improvement of Productivity due to the faster shot cycle.
- Reduction of the white color pigment cost when the colors of finished products are white or related shades.
- The finished product mixed with CALPET/CALTECH have a warp resistant quality.
- Higher heat-resistance Higher flexural-rigidity.

LLDPE, HDPE, PP Blown Film (Inflation Film) - Anti-blocking effects.
- Improvement fo printability on the film surface.
- Diminishing of the gloss on the film surface.
- Cost reduction of the white color pigment.
- Better productivity due to better output of the Materials.