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+ PP Multifilament Yarn
+ Polyester Yarn Sewing Thred
+ Color Master Batch
+ CaCo3 M/B
+ Recycled Paper
+ Graphic Printing Ink
+ Aluminum & Brass Eyelet
+ Bio-Polymer
+ Absorbent PS Foam Tray
+ Polypropropylene Webbing
+ Anti-static Conductive Bag
+ Recycled Paper
We have been specialized in supplying following environment-friendly recycled papers.

Liner for Corrugated fibre Boards
Liner used for the surface and back of corrugated boards for packing of industrial, agricultural and marine products
Pulp is attached to the top layer to improve physical strength, surface performance, absorption resistance and appearance, and mainly used for the surface of corrugated board box.
Corrugating Medium Paper
Liner used for corrugation of corrugated board box

Liner, fully made of OCC, is mainly used for the backside paper of corrugated board box or corrugating medium paper.

Special Liner
Kraft paper for special sack, core liner etc.
Kraft Paper Kraft paper, made of pulp and OCC, is broadly used such as general envelopes and sacks for grain, sugar, feed, and cement packing, whose basis weight is 70-100g/㎡.
Core liner Core liner is used to make a core in the center of roll products such as paper, vinyl and thread, whose basis weight is 250-500g/㎡.